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Real Women, Real Stories: BAESIC talks to #BossBabe Anna Roberts

Real Women, Real Stories: BAESIC talks to #BossBabe Anna Roberts

Anna Roberts is many things: an entrepreneur, coach and international speaker, as well as a wife, sister, mother, friend. Well, now she’s a #baesicbabe too!

A discovery of self through surgeries and self-doubt have seen this self-confessed introvert come out on top, with a story to share and a burning desire to raise up other women through her various business ventures and podcasts.

We have so much in common with Anna, and we know you will too. We cosied up to ask this UAE-based boss woman about her successes and struggles – and her tips on how to achieve self-love.

To start with the most #baesic question of them all: what does self-love mean to you?

Self-love is the act of intentionally putting yourself first and investing in becoming the best version of yourself.

We couldn’t agree more! Our founder, Dhara, has been through her own struggle with the concept of self-love – is that something you’ve come across? What do you hear from other women?

Yes! Self-love can be tricky when it’s mistaken for, or mixed up with, being self-centered. For so many women, it’s been implied that focusing on yourself detracts from other relationships in your life. That’s a huge misconception – self-love allows us to connect better with ourselves, and that leads to more meaningful relationships with those around us.

Tell us about your struggles or successes along your journey of self-understanding and self-love. Was there a particular incident that triggered a change regarding your feelings of self-acceptance?

When I was in my mid-20s – a time that can be confusing for young women as they work out who they are – I had a jaw reconstruction to correct a facial deformity I was born with. The entire process took five surgeries, each of which required hospital stays and periods of recovery. That left a whole lot of time for self-reflection. It wasn’t easy, but I worked hard to develop a positive mindset, and focused on building up my self-confidence by prioritising my own feelings over what I thought people might want to hear or see.

Many people ask us this, so we wanted to ask you, what makes you get up in the morning? What is your definition of happiness and fulfillment? What makes you love yourself?

I love achieving my goals and working towards a greater vision for myself and my family. I get a great amount of happiness and satisfaction from learning and being outdoors, so I try and make sure I squeeze these into every day. I also make sure I schedule in time for these before I schedule in everyone else’s appointments and needs. Without my foundations, my self-love dwindles.

Do you believe a certain level of self-understanding and self-love can affect your ability to connect with and deepen your connections?

Yes, our connection and love for ourselves dictates our relationships. It takes time to build awareness and understanding, and it’s not an indulgence. It’s a necessity.

Your philosophy of self-love and empowerment shine through your fantastic platform, Achievher. What sparked the decision to create this organisation?

I wanted to build a platform for women to access mindset and performance skills, along with soft skills, for the future of work. These are essential at all stages your career, and applicable across any industry. We believe women are better off learning and actioning knowledge with the support of others than flying solo. The adage rings true: if you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.

You’re also a podcaster! Gosh, what don’t you do!? What’s your process when selecting topics to tackle?

Before Achievher I had a long and successful career in TV and radio as a presenter and producer, so it was a natural transition for me. Our overall aim is to bring conversations of substance to the world, and always leave the listener with a valuable action step. That’s led to a really interesting mixture of topics being covered, including interviews with female leaders, short trainings on soft skills like personal branding, and mindset hacks around topics like perfectionism.

Do you have any mantras, quotes, hobbies, or habits that help maintain your connection with and love for yourself?

I have a few – and you might see a theme that links them together! These are quotes that have been invaluable through the highs and lows, reminding me in an instant of who I am and what I stand for.

  • This too shall pass
  • Quit while you’re ahead
  • Slowing down is not failing

Lastly, what advice would you give others struggling with self-acceptance?

Be kind to yourself! And ask yourself three simple questions:

  • What has worked well for me in the past?
  • What is working well for me right now?
  • What’s the one most important thing I need to do today?

These are carefully designed to give structure to your day and imbue a sense of purpose, which ultimately leads to happiness.

More about Anna Roberts

Anna Roberts is the Founder of Achievher, a premium digital coaching and mentoring space for high performing women (Launching June 2021). A Performance & Communication coach and award-winning TV and Radio show host, Anna helps professionals overcome fear and build confidence by empowering them with strategic communication tools.

To know more about Achievher, visit 

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